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Then they that were in the ship came and worshipped him, saying , Of a truth thou art the Son of God.

Matthew 14:33

A Yacht To Think About


We found there was so much waste and unnecessary overpayment of taxes that many yacht owners could afford a yacht just with their savings.


Finding the affluent yachting community so "underserved"- poorly served or not being served at all-  by the many "advisors" that were against their clients' yachting lifestyle passions, were so "short term transaction oriented, or that didn't know how to make their clients' passion profitable, that we created our affiliate YES Yacht Executive Solutions to apply our strategies specifically for those wanting to enjoy the yachting lifestyle but without all the expense usually associated.


Applying our strategies creates Net Worth Neutral Yacht Ownership so the yachting lifestyle can be enjoyed with minimal -if any - long term adverse affects to one's wealth and prosperity.


But it you don't like the water, many of our strategies can be applied to almost any other passion or pursuit?   Just substitute your passion for yachting.


Our strategies and your dreams, maybe this will give you something to think about -


How can YES make yachting dreams come true when other advisors can't?


EASY: Specialized wealth solutions exclusively for yacht owners.


  • Yachting Expenses Slashed.  

  • Yachting Economics Solved.

  • Your Exclusive Solution crafted for your unique situation.

  • Provides Net Worth Neutral Yacht Ownership and Profitability.


Do you know other advisors whose compensation is largely based upon the extent that their clients don’t lose money but profit from their yachting lifestyle and yacht ownership?


Precious few yacht owners have anyone on their current team of advisors capable and qualified of stewarding their yachting investments– or an advisor sufficiently confident in their abilities and willing to link their compensation to the effect that yacht ownership has on the yacht owner’s net worth.


If you had a uniquely qualified, competent and experienced advisor – that acted almost like a partner – charged with protecting and preserving your net worth, whose long term financial interest was tied to yours, whose compensation was largely determined by how little yacht ownership affects your long term net worth, and had a strong monetary incentive to assure that you to make a profit from your yachting lifestyle, do you think your yacht ownership would be less expensive, more profitable and more enjoyable?


Good news!  Now the answer is YES-Yacht Executive Solutions.


Yachting dreams of all types are now coming true with YES Yacht Executive Solutions. 


Whether you are buying new, used or building a custom design, our mission is to support the yachting lifestyle and help make your dreams come true, to make yacht ownership as pleasurable, convenient and net worth neutral and profitable as possible. 

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